Rev. Nakahashi’s Speech

Each CD contains Rev. Nakahashi’s lecture uttered in different moment as the monthly Cult of thanksgivings, Celebration in honor to Ancestors, Class of improvement and other.

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List of titles of the Classes of improvement:



01.11.2008 THEME: THE MOVEMENT… Continue reading

Following Meishu Sama

344 Pages

This book is a collection of lectures of the Rev. Minoru Nakahashi about several themes approached as the whole of Meishu Sama’s grandiose work. It is an odd opportunity for the reader to deepen your knowledge on which Meishu Sama sought, through his Teachings, to delegate… Continue reading

Collection of Salms – Volume I

First Part: God is

The collection of salms composed by Meishu Sama that for now is being published starting from the Japanese original with the correspondent transcription in romaji (Roman letter) and also translation for the Portuguese, was organized with objective of presenting, of the theological point of… Continue reading

The Art of Johrei – Volume I

What is Johrei?

It is an inexhaustible source of Light, liberated by God to the universe that can be channeled through the palm of the hand, constituting a method of treatment of the New Era. Johrei brings, as result, the cure of all the physical and spiritual diseases,… Continue reading

Japan: Minoru Nakahashi view


The objective of this Blog is to record the travels of the Rev. Minoru Nakahashi to Japan and thus share their perspective on the mysteries of this ancient culture. Let’s go places visited mostly by Sama Meishu (Founder of the Messianic) in order to discover together a… Continue reading

Celebration of the kingdom of heaven on earth

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Meishu Sama


Lessons from the Reverend Nakahashi

Temple Light of Orient

Miroku Tower Construction