Salms of Meishu Sama – Messianic Songs

1- Reimei (Dawn) 2- Kami no Keirin (Divine Providence) 3- Meishu Sama 4- Mabito (True Man) 5- Kami wo Ai Suru (Love to God) 6- Chijootengoku (Kingdom of the Heaven in the Earth) 7- Kansha Hoon (Gratitude) 8- Meishu Sama no Goshoten (Goshoten of Meishu Sama) 9- Dai… Continue reading

The Art of Johrei – Volume II

168 Pages

In continuity to the volume published already previously on the theme, this book contains a collection of Teachings and of lectures of Meishu Sama, whose focus is gone back to the “focal” point of the problems that are detected when Johrei is supplied. It also contains… Continue reading

Monthly Cult of Thanksgiving – 09/2006

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Gospel of the Heaven – Volume II

Gospel of the Haven, vol. II – Wisdom constitutes the sequence of what it was proposed in the first part (vol. I – Initiation).

After a process of cleaning, accomplished through purified actions by which the toxins of the organism and the stains of the spirit are eliminated,… Continue reading

Gospel of the Heaven – Volume III

With the third volume of the Gospel of the Heaven the group of Meishu Sama’s Teachings is completed that constitute the base for the formation and improvement of those that look for live in agreement with the will of God.

It owes, therefore, to be read until the… Continue reading

Prayers – Volume I

This book contains prayers and salms composed by Meishu Sama. They are very significant prayers that can be driven daily to the Heaven or at times special.

For they be composed poems in style waka, so much the salms, as the prayers contain high to power of accomplishing… Continue reading

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