Miroku Tower Construction

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The Art of Johrei – Volume I

What is Johrei?

It is an inexhaustible source of Light, liberated by God to the universe that can be channeled through the palm of the hand, constituting a method of treatment of the New Era. Johrei brings, as result, the cure of all the physical and spiritual diseases,… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Service – 06/2006

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Celebration of the kingdom of heaven on earth

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Mystery of the Great Nature

Now one of the concerns of highest relevance is about the alimentary methods used by the man in order to have conditions of staying strong in the middle where is.

The health is, therefore, the focal point of the survival of the planet and it is directly related… Continue reading

Collection of Salms – Volume I

First Part: God is

The collection of salms composed by Meishu Sama that for now is being published starting from the Japanese original with the correspondent transcription in romaji (Roman letter) and also translation for the Portuguese, was organized with objective of presenting, of the theological point of… Continue reading

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Miroku Tower Construction